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A rich history of inventing and commercializing new technology products:
Force sensor. First with affordable, ready-to-use capacitive load sensors. Loadstar Sensors
Car wiring system. First automotive aftermarket multiplexed 1-wire wiring harness. Hotwire
Race car timer. First affordable in-car timer; de-facto industry standard. Hot Lap
Weather station. First with affordable worldwide access. Weather Site.
Seismograph. First with affordable worldwide access. Seismo Site.
Computer mouse. First force-sensitive and motion-sensitive mouse. FlatMouse
Auto expense tracker. The first easy-to-use auto expense recordkeeping software. Auto Log
Electrocardiograph. The first embedded microprocessor electrocardiograph (ECG).
Programmable Loop Controller. First combination digital & analog PLC.
System design software. Microbench - First drag and drop graphical digital designer.
Dental heater. Dri-Bath - The first simplified hydrocolloid heater for safe office use.

Some of the above products are available for license, partnering or purchase rights - Contact us.

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