The transmitter emits a beam of coded infrared light across the track making an invisible start/finish line. When you pass this beam, the receiver sees the light and records your lap time.


The receiver is mounted in the car facing the direction of the transmitter so it can see the light beam from the transmitter. This module is connected to the display with a telephone-type cable.


A microprocessor-controlled display box with a 1/2-inch-tall digital LCD display tells you your lap time. Up to 60 lap times can be stored in the display memory. Lap numbers and times can be reviewed at the push of a button along with system setup and even a stopwatch.

Small Display

The small display adds mounting convenience in formula cars, go karts, motorcycles and other racing vehicles with limited space in the driver area while still keeping the 1/2-inch-tall LCD and 60 lap memory. This display requires an external battery, which is located in the the 21611 Receiver.

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