red wagon Hotwire one-wire wiring harness - The elegant way to rewire a car. One wire replaces complex wire looms.

Hotwire controls all the major lights on the car. That includes turn signal lights and dashboard indicators, parking lights, headlight high and low beams and beam indicator, tail lights, brake lights, backup lights and license plate lights. In classic era cars this amounts to at least 16 wires. Many turn signals alone require 13 more wires.

Hotwire can be installed in any car. It was originally designed to ease the wiring of street rods, kit cars, custom cars, and oldies. It is a time-saver in eliminating re-work of older car wiring. It installs quickly, and eliminates the frustrations of trouble-shooting shorted and open wiring normally associated with car re-wiring.
Hotwire components Components - The Hotwire system is composed of three boxes. The front box and switch box are shown here. Each box has its own microcontroller of the same type used in late-model automotive control systems. They are state-of-the-art devices and are proven reliable. Each box connects to the car's 12-volt power, and the three boxes connect together with one control wire.
Model T One example: - The 1926 Model T shown here is wired with a Hotwire. The installation consists of mounting boxes in the front and rear of the car for the major lights, and one box under the dash to connect to all switches. Specifically, the front box is under the right front fender, the rear box is under the rear seat, and the switch box is on the inside of the firewall. The wiring is clean and neat (Nothing is cleaner than one wire.) And it adds features of "parade lights" or emergency flashers, and use of small switches. This is a classy, high-tech product that adds to a car's interest and value. Click here for more pics of the T.

Serena designed and built the Hotwire one-wire system. Systems were sold to domestic auto aftermarket customers starting in 1991. Serena retains rights to this product, and the line is available for license, partnering or outright purchase.Contact us for information. K

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