Computer Mouse: - The FlatMouse is new force sensing device for mouse cursor operations. This technolgy is very versatile, and gives designers of laptop computers, video games, toys, and industrial and medical devices a new cost effective way to sense load, pressure, and acceleration.

The FlatMouse is a small and rugged device, and has 1/4 the components of typical capacitive grid technology. It also has a superior user interface, since the user can use one or more fingers on the touch surface at once. The user can also move the mouse cursor by sliding a finger across the surface OR by simply pressing the pad in the area of desired cursor motion. The harder the fingerpad is pressed, the faster the cursor moves. The mouse buttons are in the right and left hand corners of the device.

Joystick Application: - In game controls, the stick pressure must always produce repeatable responses for proper gaming performance. While this task can be difficult with a "pot" control device because of the inevitable wear and tear, the FlatMouse can be easily converted to a joystick that provides the needed consistency without the performance degradation. A finger-pad (or taller) addition gives the FlatMouse that joystick "feel".
Specialty Advertising: - The FlatMouse fingerpad provides a 2-inch by 2-inch area available for advertising messages, company logos, trade show, or other event promotion or institutional information.
Serena designed and built the FlatMouse. Devices were sold to domestic and international customers. Serena's spinoff, Loadstar Sensors, Inc. retains rights to this product, and the line is available for license, partnering or outright purchase.

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