The earth is shaking all the time.
It usually doesn't shake much, but it does shake.
Wouldn't it be nice to watch it with your own seismograph?

Note: This product is not commercially available.

Imagine having a seismograph in your own home so you can watch the movement of the earth's crust.Seismo Site

This movement can be very interesting, particularly when you are watching the piece of earth you are standing on. You can also watch it a few blocks away, or at any Seismo Site location anywhere in the world.

It all starts with the compact instrument pictured here. Its electronics housing measures just 5 inches in diameter. Its mounting pipe gets buried three feet deep in the ground. It connects to your computer with one cable.

sectionSeismo Site, the personal seismograph, is your connection to sites just like yours throughout the world, via the World Wide Web. You get seismic information for the Seismo Site locations of your choice through Serena's free Seismic Ops data bank.

Seismo Site is the first affordable, low maintenance seismograph available. It does not need its own room ... you just dig a hole in any convenient location and bury its mount. The instrument head sticks out a foot above ground level. Connect its cable to your computer through the interface box provided, and you can start watching the earth's activity.

The Seismo Site is not a toy. It is an accurate scientific instrument that calls on the power of the PC and the World Wide Web for its usefulness. It is interesting to note that this instrument employs Serena's proprietary C-Sensor technology to accomplish the motion detection. Force sensors form the insides of the Seismo Site.

To see how a seismogram looks, check out a sample Quake Log computer screen.

Serena designed and built the Seismo Site. Serena retains rights to this product, and the line is available for license, partnering or outright purchase. Contact us for information.

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