Auto Log software
NOTE:Auto Log software is not available

fuel Auto Log lets you manually enter your expense information into your computer. This Windows program takes your written notes of fuel and maintenance costs and mileage, and gives you a way to enter them into your IBM PC or compatible computer. Here the data can be turned into meaningful reports. The program runs in Windows 3.1 or 95.

general business

It produces expense summaries. Auto Log has provisions to record maintenance costs, insurance premiums, license fees and other deductable expenses. Its reports are approved by the IRS to back up period end tax reports.

Auto Log is proven. Thousands of these programs are in use by satisfied customers. Individuals and businesses have shown their approval with letter and phone comments on this easy-to-use and practical program.

Now here is an interesting offer... If you would like to try the Auto Log, press here to go to the download page. (This program will not transfer files that DOS Auto Log owners now have stored.) There is no obligation for this program. However, we would appreciate it if you would drop us an e-mail with your comments.

Want to read the User's Manual? Take a look. It is text only and not very exciting. It does, however, explain what the buttons do and how the pages function.

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