Auto Log automotive recordkeeper

Auto Log - Software designed for use with PC computers. Originally developed to provide a method of advertising automotive-related products and services in a handy and useful program. Designed as a give-away program to complement advertising and sales promotion strategies, hooks in the software permitted embedding tasteful sales messages in the data pages.

However, the easy-to use software was found to be in demand as a product, and was sold to individuals and companies to track expenses. This was at a time when only complex software was available for bookkeeping purposes. The Auto Log was simple and filled the needs of thousands of users.

Application: - Auto Log software is used by traveling sales people, taxi companies, truckers, and car owners who are interested in knowing the cost to operate their vehicles. Data logs permit entry and tracking of fuel expenses and automatically calculating MPG; business and personal milage; year-end expense reports; and other useful auto information. Check out the Auto Log Web page.

The Co-Pilot Analyzer was introduced to automate data entry directly from sensors installed on the host vehicle. Prototypes were developed but were not sold commercially.Check out the Co-Pilot Web page

Serena designed and produced the Auto Log software. Software was sold directly and through automotive catalogs and mail order houses. Serena retains rights to this product, and the line is available for license, partnering or outright purchase. Contact us for information.

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