If knowing your car expenses makes you happy . . .
the Auto Log will put a smile on your face.

smily carNOTE: Auto Log software is not commercially available.

Drive the way that's best for you, your car, and your pocket. Gather your information, then later communicate with your PC computer. The Auto Log software reduces data into meaningful reports about the way you use your car. Check it out.

uncle_samBusiness/commercial drivers, sales people: get your vehicle operating expense reports in a form accepted by the IRS. Read Mario's story.
US mapTrack your operating costs - from trips across town, to trips across the nation. Prepare reports for company use of your personal car.
gas pumpDrive your car for best mileage. Auto Log watches your driving, and lets you know what is most practical - in detail and in summary.
signal Auto Log performs its magic with manual entry of mileage, costs and descriptions. For your own copy of the Auto Log program, go to the download page.
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