Note: This product is not commercially available.

Product Descriptions WeatherstationWatching the weather at home can be interesting and entertaining. When you can also watch the weather a few blocks away, or at any other Weather Site location anywhere in the world, the information, and the fun increases dramatically.

nerdWeather Site, the personal weather station, is your connection to other weather sites just like yours via the World Wide Web. You get micro-climate weather information for the location of your choice, free.
old_man_winterWeatherstationCheck the temperature at the cabin in the mountains, the wind at your favorite windsurfing spots, or the conditions at your golf course. Or take a reading on how much rain fell last night at a friend's house across the world. All you need to do this is Weather Site.

Serena designed and built the Weather Site system. Serena retains rights to this product, and the line is available for license, partnering or outright purchase. Contact us for information.


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