Weather Site online weather station

Note: This product is not commercially available.
Rights to the line are available. For information contact us.


wind speed
wind direction
air temperature
barometric pressure
dew point


Download to Your Personal Computer

Weather Site connects to your PC serial port.
Conveniently track the weather at local or remote sites.
Weather Log software is Windows 3.1, 95 and NT compatible.
Displays numerical averages and shows real time weather.
Displays all functions graphically for trend analysis.


View Other Weather Sites

Free access to Weather Operations database on the WWW.
Get the weather at any participating Weather Site location.
Check it out .


Simple Installation

One device to install - contains all sensors.
One wire from mast connects to computer.
AC adapter provided with system.

Hardware Specifications

Look over the details.

Weather Definitions

A little glossary, just for fun.


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