Weather Site specifications

The modestly priced Weather Site incorporates high quality industrial grade sensors to achieve high accuracy and repeatability. All sensors are located in a single mast that mounts in minutes. One telephone-type cable connects the mast to the PC.

Wind speed

Digital sensor
Operating range: 2 to 75 mph
Resolution: 1-mph increments.
Accuracy: greater than the resolution of the display.

Wind direction

Digital sensor
Resolution: 1 degree on the compass
For pleasing readout, displays the 16 compass points (22-1/2 degree resolution)

Rain gauge

Self emptying digital "tipping bucket" sensor
Resolution: 0.025-inch increments
Display: 0.1 inch increments
Taught, top-mounted screen discourages debris collection.

Relative humidity

Operating Range: 20% to 100% relative humidity.
Accuracy: +/-5% over 0 to 50° C temperature range.


Operating Range: -55 to +125° C (-67 to +275° F).
Accuracy: ± 1/2° C, displayed in 1° increments.

Barometric pressure

Operating range: 15 to 30.5 inches mercury
Calibration range: altitudes from 0 to 15,000 feet
Accuracy: 1%
Resolution: 0.1 inches mercury.

Dew point

A value calculated by the computer, based on temperature and humidity.

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