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This section will grow as we learn the questions. If you need help now, contact us on e-mail.

How is the weather information communicated to the PC?

RS-232 data at the interface box is sent to the computer's serial port. Standard serial cable is furnished with the Weather Site system.

In what form is the data stored?

The data is ASCII, comma delimited at this point.

How does the Web interface work?

We have a dummy posted right now. It does not work yet. To see it, click here. (Click on help from anywhere to get back here.) This part of the project allows data upload and download simply and quickly. In other words we want users of all ages and inclinations to put their weather readings onto the Web easily, and to identify other sites and get their readings with equal ease. No matter how many Weather Sites there are in a neighborhood, or in the world.

Where can I buy the Weather Site?

You can't, yet. The Weather Site is now in development. Call or e-mail us for more information.

I'm with a school. How do I get a Weather Site?

Same as above - it is still too soon. Please bear with us - it will be worth the wait.

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